Kevin Meyer

Kevin Meyer graduated from Kansas State University in May 2003 with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Economics. Kevin acquired extensive first-hand knowledge of the agricultural markets through his family who has farmed and ranched in Kansas for over 100 years. Upon graduation Kevin worked for Meyer Land and Cattle Co, the family farm. He then acquired a job, moved to Chicago and began working for Alaron Trading Corporation as a runner while studying for the series three in October 2003.

Kevin became an AP in January of 2004, primarily functioning as an account executive. As of January 2004, Kevin became a commodity broker, specializing in agricultural products. Realizing a customer needs to be closer to the trading floor, Kevin left Alaron Trading Corporation in April 2005 and moving his operation to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading floor (“CME”) under Cadent Financial Services LLC, an FCM, in May 2005.

In September of 2009 Kevin started his own Introducing Broker, Postrock Brokerage, LLC. In October of 2009 Kevin moved his clearing arrangements from Cadent Financial Services, LLC to various FCM’s. Kevin currently handles a very diverse group of customer business, including commercial cattlemen, feedlots, and speculative accounts.

He also executes orders for other members of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and various funds. Kevin currently holds positions in many different markets for himself and his customers.