Postrock commercial hedge specialists align their interests with yours in order to properly manage risk and implement custom strategies in your market.  We provide strategy development and execution; research customized to your operation as well as on the ground market intelligence and cash market insights.  Postrock stays ahead of the curve by constantly analyzing changes in the paper and cash markets as well as risk management trends to better serve you.  Trade execution is something that Postrock believes should not be done by a general purpose trade desk, especially when implementing large and complex risk management strategies.  Postrock specialists provide expert trade execution in their markets.

Once a strategy has been constructed and a position established, Postrock is there every step of the way to manage the position and risk.  Markets are very dynamic and at times move in ways that require adjustments to trading plans in order to continue to achieve the initial goals.  Postrock is in the markets every day and is there to advise throughout the course of the trading plan.

Please contact a Postrock commercial hedge specialist for a consultation.