USDA WASDE May 2017 Report Estimates

USDA Crop Production

 2016 Final Crop2017 May Avg of Estimate2017 May Range of Estimate2017 May USDA Estimate
Corn15.14814.06813.098 - 14.688
Soybeans4.3074.2524.102 - 4.391
All Wheat2.311.8581.775 - 2.022
Total Winter1.6721.3081.200 - 1.617
Hard Red Winter1.0820.7780.686 - 1.047
Soft Red Winter0.3450.3050.260 - 0.335
White Winter0.2450.2210.180 - 0.264


USDA Grain, Oilseed, Cotton Ending Stocks

 Apr 16/17 Carryout16/17 May Average of EstiamteMay 16/17 Carryout17/18 May Average EstimateMay 17/18 Carryout


USDA South America Crop Projections

 2015/2016 CropApr 16/17 CropAvg of EstimatesRange of EstimatesMay 16/17 Estimate
Brazil Soybeans96.500111.000111.300110.5 - 113.0
Argentina Soybeans56.80056.00056.00055.0 - 57.0
Brazil Corn67.00093.50094.30092.5 - 97.0
Argentina Corn29.00038.50038.50037.0 - 39.0


USDA World Production, Stocks

 Apr 15/16 EstimateApr 16/17 EstimateMay 16/17 EstimateMay 17/18 Estimate
World Coarse Grain Production1251.101346.10
World Coarse Grain Stocks247.30258.00
FSU Course Grain Production82.6093.00
World Corn Production963.301053.80
World Corn Stocks211.80223.00
Argentina Corn29.038.50
Brazil Corn67.0093.50
World Wheat Production735.20751.40
World Wheat Stocks241.70252.30
EU Wheat160.00114.70
FSU-12 Wheat160.00114.70
Australia Wheat24.2035.00
Canada Wheat27.6031.70
Argentina Wheat11.3016.00
World Soybean Production313.00346.00
World Soybean Stocks77.1087.40
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